Emerald 100 Race Day – October 2022

“The Melbourne Cup may be the race that stops a nation but the Emerald 100 is the race that gets the Central Highlands partying”. Pioneer Park will be a sea of colour when the people converge to witness a great day’s racing and participate in the festivities on offer. This is Emerald’s major raceday and always a highlight of the Emerald social calendar.

All details for the Emerald 100 and all other events hosted by the Emerald Jockey Club can be found on their Facebook Page.


Emerald 100 Race Day – October 2019


The Central Queensland Sapphire Gemfields are only a 45 minute drive west of Emerald  on the Capricorn Highway and cover almost 900 square kilometres. People from all over the world visit the Sapphire Gemfields each year to experience fossicking firsthand and try their luck to find that ultimate gem stone. If it’s treasure that you’re seeking or the opportunity to experience a real-life mining town, the Sapphire Gemfields has it all with its array of gemshops, galleries, jewellers, underground mines and digging areas. There’s no better place to purchase an Australian-mined and cut sapphire or quality sapphire jewellery. Gem-cutters are available to facet your very own find, and jewellers will set them into valuable family heirlooms to be treasured forever.

There are many ways to explore the Sapphire Gemfields. Why not take a guided tour of a walk-in underground mine or go on a tag-along digging tour? Book a self-drive fossicking tour with maps and all the necessary equipment, so that you can explore the back tracks of the mining areas in your own vehicle. Visit a fossicking park, where you can learn all about fossicking. There you can buy a bucket of sapphire ‘wash’, learn to seive it, and recognise sapphires in the rough. It’s enjoyable, educational, and you can even take home bags of sapphire wash to extend your holiday experience.

The area is rich in history, character and charm, and just like digging for buried treasure, if you look beyond the surface, you’ll be surprised what you can find. Many of the residents today were once tourists that came here and never left. The lifestyle of the Sapphire Gemfields today is very laid back and peaceful, and visitors are always made to feel welcome. A visit to the Sapphire Gemfields is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Read more about Saphire Gemfields: http://www.capricornholidays.com.au/destinations/sapphire-gemfields